Goe oil

Top ten ways to use Jao Brand Goe Oil As a substitute for your average moisturiser: Goe Oil is 100% natural – safe for regular use on your face, body and hair To tame those fly-away hairs: rub a small amount of product between two fingers and then smooth down any unruly strands As an […]


Getting that Glow

There’s something about the mysterious glow which keeps everyone guessing. Where did they go? What did they do? Or more frequently…who did they do? So I thought I’d do a bit of a background check on this and find out exactly what it is, what causes it and how exactly we can get it. Essentially, […]


7 things to help stress less.

Our lives are consumed by phones, social media, double booking’s and deadlines so it’s no wonder stress is a trending reality and concern within our society. There are more people than ever diagnosed with anxiety and stats showing that one in four young Australians are currently living with a mental health condition; stress being a […]


Why we love Dermalogica.

There’s nothing better than finding a skincare brand that you love and trust. With so many different products out there all claiming to do the same thing, if not better – it’s hard work finding the diamond in the rough. So here at Beauty Department, we thought we’d help you out. Presenting to you, Dermalogica. […]