Tips for applying beauty department tan…


We all know exfoliation is the key to a great fake tan, how do you exfoliate?
I think the best time to exfoliate is in the shower when the skin is warm and I do this once a week. I love using a mitt in the shower and I also use a beautiful product from Chanel. I then use a product called Goe Oil after as it absorbs quickly into my skin.

What’s the best way to apply your product Summer?
Summer can be applied at anytime, that is the beauty of the product because absorbs very quickly into the skin. For me, I love to apply it just after a shower when the skin is warm. After you use it you can get dressed a few minutes later and just wait for the colour to develop.

Can you use Summer on your face?
Summer is gentle enough to use on the face to give you that extra glow. You only have to use a little product and I would apply it after your daily moisturiser.

Why is it important to you to not include any nasties in your products?
When I first set out to do a product I wanted to keep it as natural as possible. Remember what goes on you skin is usually absorbed by your skin into the bloodstream, so using ingredients that are more natural are a better alternative.

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Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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