The Benefits Of A Gradual Tanner Over An Instant

benefits of a gradual tanner

By Gabby Neal

With that many products on offer it’s somewhat hard to decide which ones are best; both in product and performance. Although all are intended to achieve the same outcome, they work in different ways. We here at Beauty Department are obvious fans of the gradual tan over the instant.

More so for the clear fact you can monitor as you go rather than spray and hope for the best. You’ll achieve a much more realistic colour and avoid any chance of turning out orange or uneven.

In the end though, it really depends on what type of tan you want to achieve and the timeframe in which you have to prepare. And even then, we suggest the Beauty Department Natural Gradual Tanner… because even if you choose to layer a few days out, you’re going to look naturally tanner, and even if you wack’ it on a few hours before, you’re still going to look naturally tanner than with the use of an instant.

Most instant tanners generally clog your pores as well, or at least leave a heavy film on your skin. Meaning it’s more inclined to build up and cause skin problems like pimples or ingrown hairs. At least with the gradual tanners they’re not as heavy and hard hitting. They also (more often than not) include many of the anti-aging and firming-like qualities you find is most other moisturisers. So really, you’re hitting a two in one.

Not to mention its easy application process compared to the never ending drama of finding a friend or your partner to do it for you or risk doing it yourself and end up with a botched job.

There’s also the added fact that typically speaking gradual tanners, if not always, have a more natural and light scent. Meaning that when you go out, you won’t have people smelling you before they see you – always a plus!

And even though I’m sure there are arguments for the use of a spray or mouse but least you know where we stand and what we recommend.

Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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