How To Get Faux Beach Waves Without Using An Iron

beach waves

The epitome of summer and the girls on the Victoria Secret Runway Show (which by the way is about to start filming). It’s one of the most flattering hair styles which can take you from day to night throughout the year no matter what your hair type.

As much as you think you need a curling iron to get those waves – you don’t need too. There are plenty of ways in which you can find yourself sporting them without. And we’ve condensed these into a simple 6 tips for you.

Swim in the ocean

No need to point out the obvious right? But not everyone has access to an abundance of salt water in their backyard…so read on.

Leave braids/plaits in over night

Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of this one? This was one of the first methods introduced to us as youngsters. The trick to this one though to create loose plaits or braids first. The tighter they are the stiffer the curls will be the morning after and the more you will have to brush them out, which we all know results in an afro of frizz.

Basically all you need to do is put your hair in braids, spritz a bit of salt water or texture spray onto them and in the morning, undo them and brush them out with your fingers.


Pretty much has the same effect as swimming in the ocean. Just let it air dry and depending on your hair type, it will generally fall into nice tasselled tresses.


Following your shower, if waves haven’t already appeared get out your texture spray. Spritz a bit all over (try and aim from your ears down) and then scrunch with your hands. Creating a bit of volume and movement. You can also sprig a bit of hair spray over to make sure they stay in place.

Towel dry

Before putting your hair in towel, spray 2-3 pumps of a moisturising agent all over followed by a few sprits of a salt spray or texturising liquid to the bottom half (space between the ears and collar bone). This way when you take your towel out, your hair should already have formed a few ‘natural’ waves.

Tassel ends

Use moose to scrunch and play with the ends of your hair. It might not get the perfect beach waves but it’ll give you an awesome, unique wave which in the end will be best suited to your own style.

Drink up

That’s right. Go find yourself a cocktail because CONGRATULATIONS you’ve successfully managed to create your own ‘natural’ beach waves at home WITHOUT damaging your hair with a heating iron.

Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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