How To Care For Scars

By Gabby Neal

No matter how careful we are, scars a wonderful unavoidable way in which our body naturally repairs itself. And unfortunately for the most part, everyone in some form or another has found themselves waking up to battle scars; be it from a night out, surgical procedure or an internal mental struggle.

Essentially, scars are the result of re-forming damaged skin cells and the way they form is highly influenced by how healthy your body is overall. They can turn out raised, flat, purple, red, clear or pink – all completely dependent on how well the wound heels.

In saying that, there are a few ways in which you can care for scars and help minimise there overall appearance and aid the healing process but they don’t necessarily guarantee immediate results.

  • Clean the wound instantly and get out any dirt and grit to save irritation and further infection.
  • Continue to keep the wound clean and covered, either with a bandage or mesh covering.
  • Use creams that have Vitamin E – it’s known to help speed up and encourage skin rejuvenation.
  • Always apply sunscreen if exposed – this is a big one, as scar tissue is usually extremely fresh skin cells and therefore easily damaged.
  • Moisturise daily – this will help to keep the skin moist, smooth and healthy.
  • Second to this, another alternative is to consult your doctor. There are some creams and ointments that and be medically prescribed and are actually proven to help reduce scar size.

It’s always important to remember that no scar can be completely reduced or removed, and that over time they will eventually fade. So it’s important not get too caught up over them – they add character!

Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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