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Caring for your hair in the harsh Australian summer months is simpler then you think, just requires a small amount of love. Moisture is always key to keeping hair beautiful, treatments, leave in conditioners and penetrating oils are your best friends. If you want to break away from blow dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs, consider converting to wet styling without using heat tools and barely any effort.

First things first, hair loves water, its moisture after all, apply hydrating products to towel dried hair this will allow products to penetrate into the hair shaft and soak up the extra moisture.

All hair types are different so judge for yourself, based on results whether you increase or decrease the amount of product you apply. Don’t be scared to layer products to rehydrate and understanding your hair type is crucial when applying moisture. Certain hair types need to soak up a lot more than others. Think about this; fine, limp hair may only need a light spritz of leave in conditioning mist, as opposed to thick, frizzy hair, which can handle cream products in larger amounts.

Always condition hair after shampooing, this is the best start a dried up head of hair can ask for! Always comb through well from ends to roots, try a Big-Hearted Round Toothed Comb from YS Park, which is incredibly kind to your scalp and hair, and then rinse conditioner out after 3 – 4 minutes

One of my favourites for fine hair is the Volumizing Conditioner with Rose extracts from Christophe Robin, which detangles while restoring a lightness and volume to hair. This conditioning treatment nourishes the hair fibres and creates body and volume without drying out the hair.

On unruly thick frizzy hair try the Love Curl Conditioner from Davines ideal for curly or wavy hair, it is moisturizing and nourishing, makes hair soft with light volume without weighing hair down and the shine is pure luxury.

Layering hydrating products can really help to combat dry hair, after all, the more moisture your hair receives the less dry it will look. Don’t forget, natural oils are produced from our scalp, so adding more moisture to fine hair at the roots is unnecessary and my cause the hair to become heavy, flat with no volume, only add moisture where hair needs it which tends to be more mid lengths and ends.

If hair is on the finer side, consider applying Christophe Robin’s Hydrating Leave-In Mist with Aloe Vera, this will without doubt help achieve a natural volumised wave and boost curls without the use of heat tools. Apply to clean towel-dried hair and allow hair to air dry naturally. Christophe Robin himself showed me this personally; the difference is remarkable, go on try it and be blown away!

On super dry hair apply Davines, Oi / All in One Milk, it’s a one-stop shop to achieve healthy hydrated hair, is simple to use and brilliant on all hair types. The nourishing formula is a fantastic detangler that will not weigh hair down, controls frizz, ads shine, volume and gives a silky softness to any blow-dry. I use it as a finishing product on dry hair, spray on the palm of the hand then apply to the lengths and ends for the ultimate in polished looks.

If you have thick, course or frizzy hair, layering moisture products is ideal for you! Try Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood from Christophe Robin, apply liberally to hair wet or dry especially the split ends. This is the perfect leave in conditioner and helps to repair breakage.

Try this simple style prep tip for achieving natural soft summer waves. After rehydrating your locks, flip head upside down and gather your hair towards the crown, into a loose ponytail and comb through, (the higher the better so it doesn’t get uncomfortable while you sleep). Holding the ponytail in place flip your head upright and twist the pony around itself with loose tension all the way through to the ends forming a bun and secure in place with a Silver U Pin. This definitively designed single pin from Alan White Anthology will hold your hair in place without damaging hair all night or if you like during the day for a chic, sophisticated look. When dry, release the bun and shake hair loose, finger style or brush through to create soft natural summer quenched waves, moisturised with love.



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