Beauty Talk with Phoebe Ghorayeb

Phoebe is one of the most beautiful humans I have ever met. And when I say beautiful, I mean she absolutely epitomises each and every definition of the word in every way possible.

She has this incredibly tantalising energy which you can feel as soon as you’re around her, let alone scrolling through her Instagram, which is in part, why I wanted to interview her.

Phoebe is as beautiful inside as she is out; from her infectious smile, caring attitude, adoring daughter and her conscious efforts in reducing her footprint on the world, to her thoughtful insights as to what beauty means today and what ‘being healthy’ should translate too.

Phoebe is an incredible role model to which I have been excited to interview for a very long time and am finally able to share!

First things first, what does beauty mean to you?

My daughter. She is mine and my husband’s most beautiful creation. Such a pure, innocent little human, watching her grow and discover the world is easily the most beautiful thing I have seen.

How would you describe someone’s inner beauty?

Kindness. I think it is the greatest quality in a human. To be kind to those in vulnerable situations, in a lesser position than you, who have different values and beliefs, who are in the wrong or who have done wrong by you and to do it without force or judgement. I believe kindness to be beautiful as it requires in equal measure both softness and strength.

Since working in the fashion industry and transitioning from model to mother, has your idea and perception of beauty changed? 

I don’t think so. I’ve always understood the difference between inner and outer beauty and I can appreciate both. However, I know the value of someone’s inner beauty over what they look like. Growing up around a lot of physically beautiful people was the norm throughout my childhood and teen years which made meeting people who were beautiful on the inside a much more powerful and impactful experience as it was those people who stood out. To this day, and especially now as a mother, I still very much feel this way.

In saying that, between all the makeup and cleansers, it’s fair to say your skin has gone through a lot. How have you managed to maintain such flawlessness throughout?

I know it’s been said a million times before but there’s clearly a reason for it. Water is my skins best friend. I really notice a difference when I’m on top of it. I also try to limit the amount of make-up I wear outside of work. If I do wear make-up it’s usually a bit of concealer, blush, highlighter, mascara and a brow powder. If I need more coverage than I slap on a bit of BB cream. I also don’t over wash or over moisturise my skin. I think it’s just as important to let your skin breathe and keep it free from all products from time to time.

Do you use oils on your skin? If yes, what are your favourite?

I use a cleansing oil from Mokosh. It’s my favourite skincare brand as it uses only natural and organic ingredients and even goes as far to use only recycled packaging, is palm oil free and doesn’t test on animals. Tick, tick ,tick! 

…Surely since being surrounded by such incredible industry experts you’ve picked up on a few insider secrets – do you mind sharing some of these?

I have to say I’m pretty bad at concentrating when getting my hair and face made up (too busy chatting and drinking coffee) and because I don’t do much beautifying myself at home any tricks and tips are wasted on me. However, if I had to give you something……

  • Heating up your eyelash curlers with the hairdryer to prolong your eyelash curl.
  • Spray hairspray onto your eyebrow brush to keep the hairs in place.
  • For an instant glow with minimal equipment pinch your cheeks until rosy then slick a clear lip gloss on your lips and eyelids and use it to brush your eyebrows up for a full, fluffy look.
  • Twist your hair around your finger, spritz with sea salt spray then shake it out for natural looking, non sticky waves.

How did you find your skin changed throughout pregnancy and now into motherhood?

I’ve always been very lucky with my skin and have never experienced acne or really terrible outbreaks. The odd pimple may show up to say hi once in a blue moon but that’s pretty much as bad as it gets. Touch wood. I didn’t notice any changes in my skin during pregnancy but I did notice all the very lovely comments about my pregnancy glow. If only that didn’t disappear with my baby bump.

Now, we at beauty dept are obsessed with all things natural, so in saying that, what are the three products and/or religious practises you swear by in order to achieve an impeccable, natural glow?

  1. My trusty exfoliating gloves. Smoother skin and an increase in circulation means guaranteed, instant glow.
  2. My Mokosh toner spray. I mentioned this brand earlier, all natural and completely organic. It hydrates and freshens my skin without drying it out like water.
  3. My morning walk with Valentina. The clean, salty air and an hour of pounding the pavement is the best way to start the day, clear my head and achieve that rosy glow.

I once read in an interview of yours that when asked ‘What does being healthy mean to you?’ you considered it being a state of mind. Do you mind elaborating on this?

Absolutely. I think health in all its forms begins in the mind. It doesn’t matter how many greens you eat or how much water you drink, if your mental health is suffering you will never reach optimal overall health. I myself suffered with an eating disorder which was sparked after a bout of depression. I believe that if I were in a better place mentally I never would have spiralled into the world of anorexia. I talk about it in detail on my blog Model Appetite. If you are not happy within yourself I think it is very difficult to make positive decisions which will ultimately have an impact on your physical health, social health and emotional health.

You’ve got an incredibly adorable little girl, and she’ll be growing up in a different world to that in which we did, what key pieces of advice will you be passing along to her?

To be grateful for what she has. It’s so easy these days to watch everyone else’s life play out on social media, reality TV and the news and want what you can’t/don’t have. It’s a dangerous trap to fall into and you begin to forget how to live your own life and enjoy what your life has to offer. I will also teach her to value her education. With reality TV stars and social media influencers the new idols I think it is important for Valentina to know that it is a tiny percentage of people who make this a living and that if she wants choice and opportunity it is her education that’s going to get her to where she wants to be.

And considering we are in an era where climate change is evidently clear, and we are all being encouraged to do our part for the environment – what is that you are doing to help reduce your footprint on the world?

I’m definitely conscious of my part (however small) in helping to combat climate change. Little decisions that I hope go some way in making a bit of difference. I have a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and bamboo straw, I take my reusable bags to the market for my weekly fruit and veg shop and I recently bought myself reusable produce bags. I’m also really strict on myself and my family to not waste energy in our home. I always switch off lights when I leave a room, hang our washing instead of using the dryer, limit the use of our air conditioning and take two minute showers. Yes, a two minute shower is possible.

And lastly, a handful of quick answer questions to finish on:

  • Your muse? I recently discovered model Stormi Bree. She is my new girl crush. I find her incredibly beautiful but it’s her ability to make fun of herself that I find most appealing.
  • Trusted no fail, go-to makeup look? Fresh dewy skin, full eyebrows, lots of mascara and soft, moisturised lips. Extremely natural and that no make-up make-up look.
  • Favourite skincare product? Everything Mokosh!
  • New found beauty trend you can’t get enough of? It’s definitely not “new found” but I cannot get enough of dry shampoo. It is my lifesaver and has got me out of many last minute hair disasters.
  • Ideal summer vacation? My husband and I went to Sicily for our babymoon last September. It was the most amazing holiday and we are desperate to go back with Valentina. Beautiful people, people food and such a beautiful landscape. Lebanon is now next on my summer vacation list.

PHOEBE GHORAYEB  – Model / Blogger / Presenter & Mother
Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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