7 Things To Help Stress Less

stress management

Our lives are consumed by phones, social media, double booking’s and deadlines so it’s no wonder stress is a trending reality and concern within our society. There are more people than ever diagnosed with anxiety and stats showing that one in four young Australians are currently living with a mental health condition; stress being a notable factor.

So it’s important that we incorporate into our daily lives as many mechanisms to help either prevent or relieve ourselves from stress. Obviously, these will vary based on the individual however these seven things are what I personally do in order to de-stress my life and mind.

1. Write a list

Waking up in the morning and writing a list is one of the best ways to try and organise your life. If you have it written on paper you can see it with your own eyes exactly whatr it is you have to do. And as you go along, strike each task as you complete them. It’s almost satisfying too to see the list dwindle as the day goes on.

2. Prioritise

Once you have a list it is important to prioritise each item based on urgency. That way, as you move through the list you will feel less stressed as those that are most pressing are being completed on time. Rather than wasting your time on projects which are due later on.

3. One Thing At A Time

Look at your list and try not to be overwhelmed. It looks bit at the moment but as you go through them, ticking them off as you go you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and confident that you can get them complete. The key to this is to make sure you stick to one task. Don’t detour and half finish another, you’ll feel scattered. Rather stick to focusing on one.

4. Take A Break

You may feel like you don’t have time for a break but you do. As much as you’re busy, a break is vital in keeping up concentration, creativity and productivity. Getting up and walking away for 10minutes will jock your mind and free up your body. Even if it means taking the rubbish out or checking the mail – anything away from your predominant work station will work.

5. Drink Tea

Tea is a naturally calming liquid but it’s also the symbolism behind the act of putting the jug on which also gives way to its stress reducing qualities. It’s been ingrained in the mind since such a young age that you’ll feel better after a cuppa’. This act also tends to be done with companions, you sit around a table and chat – it’s somewhat relaxing.

6. Exercise

A common stress relief activity. Be it indoors or out, exercising is amazing for the mind and soul. It takes your mind off all the things making you anxious and worried and instead has you concentrating on something else. All the while releasing endorphins which in the end will help you face the tasks at hand with a clearer mindset and positive attitude.

Nadine Monley

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