Sasha & Oli Benz… we love them!

Sasha & Oli Benz

The most stylish couple in Montauk. The stylist and model duo make up The Benz Kids, the fun loving, wildly active and energetic couple making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Originally from Australia, these two now live at the famous Surf Lodge in Montauk; Sasha the creative director and Oli resident DJ.

As a successful stylist, creative director and editor of her own publication (All My Friends Are Models) and Oli a widely successful model & DJ, there’s no surprise I wanted to talk to them and suss out their perspectives on beauty and all it entails. How they manage in an industry where looks are almost, everything…


What does beauty mean to you? 

Sasha – wow, that’s a hard question to answer. Beauty is something that comes from the inside, its how you feel and that is somehow perceived on the outside. Its more of an emotion than anything. Feeling beautiful and seeing something that you think is beautiful its subjective and different to every person. And it doesn’t have to be something that relates to physical appearance; someone’s personality can be beautiful, or the sound of a song can be beautiful, beauty is your response to something that moves you.

Oli – Beauty means confidence. If you own it, then people are drawn to it. Whether its inner beauty or physical beauty it could be art, music or even just a beautiful Ponzi scheme hahaha. However inner beauty is long lasting and the real deal. 

At current, what do your skin care routine’s involve? Now Oli, you’re working as a male model so surely you use almost as much product as the next person right? Or is it true, you’re all actually, just genetically blessed? 

Sasha – I often get very overwhelmed with the amount of different product out there, so I genuinely focus on sleep and water, they are both high on my beauty list – then I would always ensure I have a really decent moisturiser (I use Chanel) and a light but effective cleanser (obsessed with the whole Armani collection for cleansing)

Oli – I don’t use a thing. I think the less chemicals bad or good on your body the better. Sun, salt and water is what I stick with. However now you ask, maybe I should have some fun with Sasha’s cheeky products.

You’ve both been working in the industry for a long time, forged many great relationships and have a lot of key industry players as your friends. In saying that, what are some of the best pieces of advice you’ve been given in terms of beauty and maintaining healthy skin? 

Sasha – always protect your skin, which means avoiding the sun, and drink lots of water!

Oli – Everyone is different. Over the years you see your friends dealing with their skin in different ways. I think you need to try everything and find out what works for you. Greasy burgers, sugars and a big night will surely end up in an outbreak.

Sasha you’ve recently just had your first child, a gorgeous little boy. Have you noticed a difference in your skin since motherhood? Have you had to change your regular routine at all?

Absolutely – I guess it all started from pregnancy, while everyone kept telling me ‘I had the glow’ – I felt like my skin was suddenly different to what it had been my whole life, I noticed a lot more random spots of pigment showing and random color changes, so I just cut out most of the products I was using beforehand and stuck to a very simple organic moisturiser and coconut oil for everything!

Now that I am a mother and back at work, I find my time is a little pressed so I have just invested in sleep as my beauty routine! IF I can get sleep, then that’s better for me than any product right can give me! I notice a huge difference in my once I am well rested.

Now Oli, as girls we’re used to wearing make-up, most of us started wearing it from a young age, but as a male it’s not typically something you wear day-to-day, only on the off jobs. But do you ever find make-up affects your skin?

These days makeup is getting used less and less for men. Depending on the job.

After a gig if you leave it on for to long and maybe sleep in it with out washing it off, then yes it can cause the odd irritation.

As a model and stylist, I think I’m right in saying you both have a pretty great sense of style. But, in saying that Sasha, you always look amazing, so how would you do your hair and make up for the following?

Formal/Glam – it really depends on the event, but I always try to stay away from anything that looks ‘done’ – so no big curls or do’s, sleek and sexy is always good for something more dressy. With makeup, I love a big dramatic smokey eye, neutral lip and contouring for a more glam style.

Summer’s night out – again, anything sex hair is my vibe, maybe throw a braid in and call it a day – and on the face, bronze it up, and use just a good mascara!

The Beach – without sounding obvious, salty looking beach waves is my go to beach look, keep it natural on the face for the beach, some coconut oil and lip balm

Work – tight ponytail, clean and simple and easy to do, little makeup, just a good all over light liquid foundation and maybe some bronzer on the cheek line.

Oli, seeing as though you’re a) working in the industry and b) married to a stylist, you must be pretty open to all trends, both fashion and beauty no matter how tame or radical they are.

But I want to know, what are your pet hates? What are the fashion and beauty trends you absolutely can’t stand that you see everyone wearing? 

I’ve never been into drop crutch pants. Nor have I digged anything yeezy.

I also find luxe sport kinda weird; I literally just wear gym clothes for gym.

Finally, Sasha, Oli tell me what your favourite looks are on each other, hair and make-up? How does the other look when you find them most beautiful… ok and most jaw dropping sexy?

Sasha – Oli always looks like a fox, and his skin and hair is always irritatingly perfect looking no matter what he does. But his best look to date so far is him being a dad and watching him mature over these past few months, that to me is sexy as f&%k.

Oli – Sash looks her best when she puts in very little effort. I like it when she uses less make up and relaxed styling. Always looking her best when she is happy and smiling. I’m a sucker once she has been in the sun and gets that salty hair and freckles out.

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Nadine Monley

For professional make up artists, skin is the most important element of any assignment, the key to a truly flawless finish. Nadine Monley loves skin and knows that perfection is achieved only through innate understanding and uncompromising attention to detail. Drawing on her 10+ years of industry experience, Nadine brings out the best in every face she creates.

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