• No one ever disliked a bit of guy gloss 💪.
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  • 🍊💦 don’t just get a tan, get a functional SUMMER glow.
Derived from the outer peel of the fruit, Orange Sweet Peel Oil has been used for centuries because of its immune-boosting effects.
One of the key ingredients in SUMMER, it fights signs of ageing, like wrinkles and dark spots, because its high concentration of vitamin C promotes the production of collagen.
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  • All we need in our lives are dewey glows when we’re in our Calvin’s 🌜🌛.
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Elle Ferguson

The Precision Sponge is my go to when applying my make up… What I love about it is that I use it to press on my foundation so it doesn’t crease and then it lasts all day. It’s a definite must for me.

Elle Ferguson Blogger and Tv Personality
Erika Heynatz

Huge thanks to Nadine for giving me a tub of her BD bronzing cream. Being something of a tan connoisseur (ok, junkie!) I love the opportunity to test drive new products. Especially one this gorgeous and natural. It smells incredible, has such a luxurious texture and it’s a perfect gradual colour build.

Erika Heynatz Actress
Izi Simundic

As someone who lives for the summer sun, I quickly began to notice the negative impact excessive exposure was having on my skin. My makeup bag only has a couple of favourites, but I always carry my Beauty Department tan. It’s super easy to apply & always looks natural and glowy. I really wouldn’t use any other tanning products.

Izi Simundic Model & Blogger

Um ok so this tan is heaven! It doesn’t smell like fake tan, doesn’t go orange and doesn’t leave any suss looking streaks. It’s definitely my go-to. It’s super easy to apply and just feels like you’re wearing moisturiser…except with the added bonus of that ‘perfect summer glow’. Without looking like you’ve overdosed on tahita thursdays or fiji fridays.

Gabby Neal Customer

Summer by Beauty Department is the perfect gradual tan. Great smell, subtle colour and so easy to apply.

Max May

What I love about the beauty department precision sponge is the unique hour glass shape that enables me to hold the sponge precisely when doing more detailed work in harder to reach areas.

Max May Make Up Artist